Measuring your body

Measurements are a great way to see if your body is changing and a better gauge than the scales. Lean muscle tissue weighs more than fat, therefore your body could change without you seeing a huge difference on the scales. Follow our instructions below to monitor your progress!

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It's important to be consistent when measuring yourself so we can get a true reflection of your progress. 

Men – place the tape measure around your chest in line with your nipples.
Women – place the tape measure around your bust at the largest point. 

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Place the tape measure around your waist in line with your belly button. Take a few breaths in and out to relax the body and make sure you're not holding in your stomach.

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Stand with your feet hip width apart and place the tape measure around your hips at the widest point.


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Stand with your feet hip width apart and your weight placed evenly on both legs. Measure the length of your leg from your knee to hip bone, then find the midway point. Wrap the tape measure around the leg to get your thigh measurement. Make sure you do both legs as they may differ.

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Measure the distance between the elbow and the bony protrusion where the top of the arm meets the shoulder. Once you have this measurement, find the midway point and wrap the tape measure around the arm to get the bicep measurement. Make sure you do both arms as they may differ.