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Our very own Luisa Valenti is featured as an ‘Inspirational Woman’… Take a peek at her story!

“I think the ability to listen and learn from people has been key to my success. There are lessons everywhere. I do not believe in luck, we create our own luck. A very successful man once told me “the harder we work, the luckier we become!” We are all presented with opportunities along the way and it is our responsibility to see them and choose to take them.”

Summer superfoods

Bella Magazine feature our very own Terry Fairclough. He tells us why salmon is so good for us, and how to prep it!

“The fat and protein combination helps control blood-sugar levels and prevent food cravings”

“The tastiest way to enjoy salmon is grilled, with a squeeze of lemon, and served with a mixed salad.“

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Is Salt As Bad For Our Health As We Think?

Very informative advise from Terry Fairclough. How much salt is too much? Plus what type of salt should we eat?

“We actually need a little bit of salt for optimal health. However, that amount differs and some people are more susceptible to the effects than others.”

“Himalayan salt contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron than other salts and sea salt can reduce inflammation and even help with muscle cramps.”

How much water should I drink in a day?

Are you staying hydrated? Terry shares his top tips for keeping your fluid intake up…

*Hot or warm water from the kettle is often easier to drink than water straight from the fridge, when the weather is cold.
*Start the day with a glass of water to flush the body of toxins built up overnight.

Nutritional psychiatry

Does food affect your mental health? Netdoctor ask Terry for his expert opinion on the subject…check it out!

“Eating a clean diet balances blood sugar, helps the liver remove toxins, balances hormones, up-regulates thyroid function, helps increase energy levels and positive aesthetic changes will subsequently improve mood”


An informative article by Terry on the health issues related to alcohol consumption.

“It seems that alcohol detoxifies best between 1 and 3am in the morning, however it does this best when you have stopped drinking and are lying down”

Work it out

Amazing article featuring Luisa, how to get the best workout at home using body weight exercises.

“Whether your intention is to lose fat, build muscle, improve posture or work on injury rehabilitation or prevention, body weight exercises can be beneficial”

Luisa becomes part of the Expert Panel for Healthy mag!

Luisa is delighted to be invited to join the expert panel reviewing fitness articles! Check out her bio in the latest edition of Healthy mag on sale now

“I work very hard, yet I understand the importance of surrounding myself with good, positive people. I invest a lot into family and friendship, I believe talking and sharing is key to happiness… along with dancing! I may not have the moves I once had as a professional dancer, but going to a swing dance class with my 73 year old dad makes me heart smile.” Luisa

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Fire up the barbie

Some great advise from Terry featured in Woman and Home … how to make barbecues healthier!

“Its easy to make your own burgers: put 500g beef mince, 2 egg whites, fresh parsley, 2tsp English mustard and some seasoning into a blender. Blitz and shape into patties”

“Choose an oil with a high smoke-point like coconut oil or rapeseed. When oils reach their smoke-point they release toxic fumes and also produce harmful free radicals, something best avoided.”

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Healthy ways to use your food scraps

Terry gives Euro News the low down on how to use your food scraps! it’s estimated that nearly one third of all food produced is thrown away or discarded!

“Roast chicken is so versatile and can be used within the following three days. Make a wrap by shredding the meat with a fork, mixing it with avocado and adding a little lemon juice. Or try making a salad. Add the meat to some cooked, cold quinoa, some chickpeas, roasted peppers, coriander, a little olive oil and seasoning.”

Outdoor gyms circuits.. (Master the move!)

In this double page spread (in Healthy mag) Luisa shares an effective workout using outdoor gym equipment…give it a try!

“I find an increased sense of vitality and vigour with my clients I train outside, a positivity and sense of enthusiasm. Some people may find an indoor gym daunting, a bit stuffy or dark. They may feel the great outdoors is more their vibe. It’s important to enjoy (or at the very least, not dread) the exercise we do. We are more likely to stick to a routine if we enjoy it and therefore benefit from the results. Pick up a copy of Healthy this month and have a go at my outdoor gym workout, its challenging!” …Luisa

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7 days to better hydration

Woman’s Own features Terry! He explains how pink Himalayan salt can help to keep us hydrated.

“Drinking water that is low or void of minerals will cause minerals from the body to be absorbed into that water in an effort to maintain a mineral balance. By adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, per four litres of water, we can prevent this occurring as the body is already balanced and has no need to attract minerals.”

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How to train right for your body type

A super article by Luisa featured on The Daily Struggle! Be proud of your body type!

“Back in the 1940s a man called William Sheldon devoted his life to observing the variety of human bodies. He proposed that there are, fundamentally, three main different body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. This idea was not new, the philosopher Plato mentions it as far back as 380bc.

We don’t all necessarily fall neatly into one body type. You may be a mixture of an ectomorph and mesomorph or a mesomorph and an endomorph. You will not find a mix of the ectomorph and endomorph as they are at the opposite ends of the scale.”

Do you know your body type? Check out our quiz at the end of the article!

Revealed: how pro-athletes fuel their training

Red Bull ask Terry for his expert opinion on how to fuel the body for different sports!

“Climbing is about a good weight to strength ratio,” says nutritionist Terry Fairclough. “Keeping body fat down is essential. Professional climbers tend to have an ectomorph [light build with lean muscle] or ecto-mesomorph [lean and muscular] build. They are lightweight, and the sport is more about endurance than explosion, so they require a good balance between weight and isometric strength.

How to eat like a nutritional therapist

The Daily Struggle asks Terry to share his tips on healthy eating! He explains what is good for you and why!

We are all different with likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances, religious, ethical, health and socio-economic factors to consider. What we do for a living, exercise, pollutant exposure, medication and what health issues we may have all need to be addressed when creating a diet plan. The old adage “we are what we eat” is a very true one. Bones, muscle, organs, hormones, enzymes and nerves all function, manufactured and repaired from the food we eat. As Hippocrates said 2,500 years ago “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Summer fitness tips

Intouch Rugby ask for Luisa’s insight into the benefits of training outside, plus how to increase your daily activity this summer…

“Enjoy the benefits of summer and try exercising outside. Sunshine provides vitamin D that helps to keep our bones strong, preventing osteoporosis. It also has significant immune boosting benefits. A healthy immune system will allow you to train harder and more frequently. I find an increased sense of vitality and vigour with my clients I train outside, a positivity and sense of enthusiasm.”

Are carbs the enemy?

An amazing article by Terry Fairclough featured on The Daily Struggle.

“I have seen people get “short term” results cutting carbohydrates. The reason for this isn’t always fat loss. For every molecule of carbohydrate there are two to three molecules of water attached, so weight (not fat) is lost from the removed carb stores and the attached water. “

A scientific approach to understanding carbs, plus when and why we should eat them!

5 steps to amazing Abs!

The Daily Struggle features our very own Luisa Valenti. A real insight on how to achieve that stomach of steel…

“The first thing to get our head around is the fact that, believe it or not, we all have a 6 pack … unfortunately in many cases it’s hidden behind a layer of fat! No matter how many crunches we do, if we do not shift that little extra insulation, there’s no hope of seeing that stomach of steel!”

What happens when you eat too much cheese?

Yahoo Sports UK asks Terry’s advice on eating cheese…

“Eating too much cheese with its high saturated fat and salt content can contribute to high blood pressure.

It may increase inflammation throughout the body. Making existing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis worse.”

Take a read. Will this information have an impact on your cheese consumption?

What's your body type?

Terry features on Your Healthy Living

“There are three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. It is also possible to fall between two of the body types. There is no good or bad body types – all have their negatives and positives. Knowing how to make the most of what genetics we have inherited will allow us to be the best and healthiest we can be”.

Understand your body type to get the best out of your training and nutrition!