Your Body Programme was founded by Terry Fairclough and Luisa Valenti. The idea came about after Terry and Luisa saw other personal trainers regularly offering the same generic plan to every client, regardless of gender, goal or body type. Terry and Luisa are passionate about the need to train everyone as an individual to achieve maximum results, and therefore don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.

Originally trained as a professional chef and now a qualified nutritional therapist, Terry has been working in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years while Luisa began her career as a professional dancer before moving into the fitness industry over 10 years ago. Together they offer knowledge backed by science and decades of experience to create unique programmes packed with detailed yet easy to follow instructions.

Although London based, the way that YBP is designed means their expertise is available to clients across the world.


  • Truly bespoke training programmes, there's nothing generic about our hard work!

  • Choose your level of involvement with our Addict or Enthusiast Plans

  • Your personal mini-site consists of your profile, exercise and nutrition pages (Addict plan only)

  • 900 exercise videos... so there's no chance of boredom!

  • 30 different exercise concepts

  • Our nutritional timing plan tells you not only what and how much to eat, but when to eat it, which makes all the difference to your results! (Addict plan only)

  • Hundreds of healthy, tasty recipes for your specific body type and goal

  • Hundreds of articles written by us

  • If an exercise doesn’t work for you then choose something else from our Alternative page

  • Continual progression is built into your programme on a monthly basis

  • Mobile phone friendly, watch the exercise videos at the gym… no excuses!


If there's anything we can help you with then please drop Lauren a line, she looks after us and deals with our PR. Click below to view the press kit page.

Lauren Lunn Farrow
07810 443781




Luisa is one of our YBP founders and a Personal Trainer. When she is not with a client, or attempting to be computer literate then she likes to be out on her bike or busting a dance move. Lu is an Ectomorph who has to push it hard in the weights room to maintain her muscle.

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Terry is one of our YBP founders,  Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist. When he is not busy writing notes on the back of his hand (rather than into Google Docs), then he likes to pump iron. Terry is an Ectomorph who trains hard for his big guns. 

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Ant is our designer… well, when he's in the country! A keen surfer who likes to desert us for the Indonesian waves. Ant is a Meso-Endomorph who gets into great shape whilst surfing, but needs to train a touch harder in-between times to keep the pounds off!





Jo is our admin/spreadsheet wiz! When she's not trying to decipher and format Terry's handwritten nutritional calculations, then she likes to burn a few calories running marathons. Jo is an Ecto-Mesomorph who should probably do a little less cardio and a touch more resistance training!